Articles from January 2015

Antidepressant treatment in pregnancy. brief summary

In review of the several studies, although most are case reports as we do not test medication on pregnant women revealed several areas of consistency.

1) there is a possible effect of antidepressants in precipitating. spontaneous abortion and miscarriage.

2) there is no effect seen associating use of antidepressants with fetal death

3) there is a possible association between paroxetine and cardiac malformations.

4) there is a likely effect of antidepressants on preterm birth.

5) there is a probable effect of antidepressant exposure and development of a neonatal behavioral syndrome.

But, none of the effects are large and serious consequences are rare.

use of antidepressants during pregnancy, is a risk vs. ratio decision. In addition, in reviewing the studies there is no way to avoid bias for depression and the risk of depressive symptoms on pregnancy.